10 dead turtles over 2 months in Indonesia’s Bengkulu, some found near power plant

Local residents have found another dead sea turtle washed up on a beach near Baai Island Port in the city of Bengkulu, on Thursday, making it the 10th dead turtle discovered in the area over the past two months. 

The carcass was found between rocks by a group of locals who went fishing at around 4 p.m. local time. The cause of the sea turtle’s death is unknown. 

“We found a dead turtle at Lentera Merah [beach] last evening, its head had already decomposed,” said Arif, one of the fishermen, on Friday. 

The Kanopi Bengkulu ecology protection foundation has recorded that some 10 protected sea turtles have been found dead in the area over the past two months, following the discovery of other dead turtles in the waters near the Teluk Sepang coal-fired power plant (PLTU).

“[10] sea turtle deaths in a row; this phenomenon, according to fishermen, has never happened before,” said Kanopi Bengkulu’s clean energy lead campaigner Olan Sahayu as quoted by Antara. 

Olan said that previously the locals found two dead turtles and hundreds of dead fish at the same location on Nov. 10.

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