100 Beyonces in your living room? The Future of Television conference redefines viewing

How will you be watching television and screen content in the future, what will you be watching it on, and what kind of entertainment experiences will you be having?

According to the Future of Television conference, which took place in New York last month, you’re likely to be watching a lot more shows via your phone, and a lot more in augmented reality (AR) – which means that the action takes place in your personal viewing space, like your own living room, rather than in the imaginary space created by virtual reality (VR).

What’s more, you may be able to walk around these virtual 3D objects and people, and even experience the sensation of touching them.

You won’t need to travel, as you’ll be able explore foreign lands in detail as if you were there, due to a combination of volumetric video and photogrammetry – so you’ll be helping to save the planet by not flying, too.

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