15-cents nasi lemak in Penang lures crowds of customers

BUTTERWORTH, Malaysia – A hawker here has demonstrated a marketing strategy called loss leader with dramatic success.

His stall sells prawn fritters, spring rolls and other snacks, but every morning, it is his nasi lemak that triggers a buying frenzy.

The reason? It is only 50 sen (S$0.15) a packet.

When Wong Kum Soon, 48, opens his hawker stall at 7am, a barrage of customers almost immediately crowds his stall for his nasi lemak.

The Star visited his stall in Taman Tanjung Aman near Jalan Raja Uda and watched his clients grab five to 10 packets in one go.

It happened so fast that assistant chief photographer Mustafa Ahmad hardly had time to capture the rush after recording video clips of the scene for

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