15 cheap buffets in Singapore under $15++ to eat your fill at (2019)

In Singapore, most of all-you-can-eat buffets cost upwards of $30++, which is pretty pricey. Sure, they may serve expensive seafood, but really, how many Alaskan king crab legs can you eat?! If you have the appetite of a viking, then lucky you. But for small eaters like myself, it’s hard to justify blowing that kind of money on a buffet. Most times, I can stuff myself silly ordering a la carte and still pay the same (or less).

But when the buffet price is under $20 (a reasonable amount I’m willing to pay for a “restaurant meal”), it’s a different story because I may actually be able to eat my money’s worth. Here are 15 affordable buffets under $15++.


Most of the indicated prices are for the ultimate off-peak time slot, weekday lunch.

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