4 portable health gadgets that are worth purchasing

Health and wellness have been on everyone’s mind of late, and unsurprisingly, the health and wellness industry has grown. In 2018, the global health and wellness industry was valued at an estimated $4.5 trillion.

Additionally, as more people are on-the-go and too busy to spend time on health matters, there is now a growing demand for portable devices that can help them keep their healthy routine and ease their conditions even when they are out and about.

In fact, some analysts expect the fitness tracking technologies market to grow by as much as 20 per cent annually going forward.

With an emergence of these health-related gadgets, it begs the question, which technologies provide the most value?

Portable blood pressure monitor

Nearly one-third of deaths in Singapore are caused by cardiovascular disease. For this reason, individuals are often interested in tracking their blood pressure.

However, blood pressure tests may seem like an inconvenient, time consuming, and even expensive undertaking.

Fortunately, portable blood pressure monitors are now increasingly affordable and accurate, and can be easily purchased online.

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