5 reasons why UNDONE watches make classy, customised gifts for someone special (including yourself)

Here at AsiaOne’s Digital Culture department, you’d think that we’re all about the digitisation of every possible thing under the sun. But not everything has to be AI-equipped, 5G-connected, or internet-enabled. Honestly, a voice-activated kitchen faucet is a little overkill, no? 

The march of technology, however, has been quite apparent in the realm of timepieces — smartwatches have effectively overtaken the sales of Swiss watches for years now. Thing is, not everyone wants to have a little vibrating computer strapped to their wrist reminding them that they could use a little jogging this week. Sometimes, all we need is to just an actual watch that actually tells time without being connected to apps, and with hands instead of a screen. 

With that in mind, what can you slap around your wrist? Maybe you’d like something that’s a step up from cheap Casios and Timexes; maybe Patek Phillipes and Rolexes are way beyond your wallet’s reach. 

What do you think?

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