5 ways to make yusheng healthier

Featuring an assortment of vegetables, raw fish slices and ground spices, yusheng would be a wholesome dish… if not for these fat traps: deep-fried pillow crackers and sugar-loaded plum sauce.

According to Health Xchange, a portal by Singapore Health Services, a 387g serving of store-bought yusheng will cost you over 500 calories. That’s a whopping figure, considering that this dish is usually eaten as a starter.

The solution: Make your own yusheng. You’ll be in control of what ingredients to add, and how much. Executive chef Eric Chan of Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant shares five ways to cut the fat and up the nutrients.


They are high in preservatives and sugar. Replace them with refreshing citrus ingredients such as pomegranate, pomelo, grapefruit and yuzu. Plus, they will make your yusheng way more colourful and Instagram-worthy!


Besides your basic white sesame seeds, add a dose of chia, black sesame and pumpkin seeds. Chia seeds are packed with fibre that helps you to stay full longer and reduce overall cholesterol levels.

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