7 fun party games to play on your phones during Chinese New Year gatherings

Family gatherings can be a drag sometimes. 

After surviving the gauntlet of nosy relatives pestering you about your love life/studies/career/child-bearing prospects, you could find solace in the food spread or find a corner to chill with family members of your generation that you can actually talk to. 

Or you could kill some time together with a round (or 10) of games on your smartphones. 

No, we’re not talking about serious mobile gaming titles like Fortnite and PUBG — not all of us are hyperactive zoomers with way too much sugar intake from pineapple tarts. We’re talking about the casual games, the ones that anyone across the categorical spectrum can easily jump into without needing to drown in instructions. 

No subscription to services like Apple Arcade needed for this run. All you need is your smartphone (which is hopefully not too old a model) and access to the home’s wireless internet connection for a smoother experience while playing. Pro tip: it helps if you’re being polite when asking for the wifi password. 

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