8 best places in Singapore to satisfy your savoury waffles cravings

For many Singaporeans, the thought of waffles conjures up images of a sweet dessert. We either think of the old school ones from our childhood (i.e. with kaya or chocolate spread) or those topped with ice cream, or melting butter and maple syrup.

But here’s the good news: waffles can be paired with literally anything (and in our books, the more adventurous, the better). Also, you can have them at any time of the day. So we say, there’s really no excuse not to satisfy that waffle craving of yours.

Whether you are simply craving for something savoury or just want to try something unconventional, here are the eight best places to get your savoury waffle fix.

From fried chicken waffles to duck waffles (you read us right) and even waffles benedict, we’ve got you covered.


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