8 monitors for your work from home set up – Dell, Samsung, Acer and more

Like it or not, the future of remote working is now. And as Phase 2 is expected to go on for months, working from home will continue to be the norm for many people. So do yourself a favour and invest in a good computer monitor for better work productivity and comfort.

A basic rule of thumb when getting a monitor or an upgrade to your existing one is to stay focused on choosing one that suits your needs. So you may not fancy what your BFF raves about, and vice versa.

For most basic users, a monitor with an excellent screen size, resolution and connectivity is good enough.

But for someone who works as a developer, a monitor with grey scale and clear display options will be better. Also, a curved screen for less image distortion, an enhanced field of view and less eye strain may sound like a good option, but what you really want is a flat screen to mount easily on your home office wall.

With so many types of monitors in the market, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Check out our handy guide on what’s noteworthy for your work-from-home office set up for every budget.

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