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    5 ways Megatix helps hotels in Thailand overcome challenges

    Here are some ways how Megatix helps hotels in Thailand during these challenging times.

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    E-cigarettes: The other public health emergency

    While academics, the media and the public health community frequently debate the utility and dangers of e-cigarettes and vaping, this discourse has a myopic focus on the United Kingdom and the United States, which repeatedly pit their respective country experiences against one another.

    Notably absent from the discussion is careful consideration of how novel products, including heated tobacco products (HTPs), will impact the low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) where they are being aggressively introduced and marketed.

    In diverse nations like Ukraine, Yemen, Iraq, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, these products will further stress already fragile health systems, now further constrained by Covid-19. Young people are particularly vulnerable.

    We highlight these increasingly challenging issues amid the pandemic, in conjunction with World No Tobacco Day of May 31.

    With the same tactics they deployed in the US, novel product producers are similarly encouraging youth uptake of e-cigarettes in LMICs, using social media, event sponsorship and flavours.

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    Amazon & food bank Singapore to deliver 10,000 meal packages for Covid-19 relief

    With safe distance measures in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, much of the service sector continues to bear the financial brunt of a declining customer base.

    Food delivery and online ordering have become more essential than ever, but not everyone in Singapore can afford to live this way, especially with the poor, current-day state of the economy.

    To alleviate the hardships of homebound Singaporeans in need, the local teams of Amazon Singapore and The Food Bank will be working together to provide and deliver meals and grocery staples.

    The new donation initiative, Community Flex, sees the delivery partners of Amazon Flex collecting food packages prepared by The Food Bank Singapore, and bringing them directly to the doorsteps of recipients via “no-contact” deliveries.

    A total of 10,000 packages are expected by end-June, with both organisations on track to meet the 5000-package milestone in May alone.

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    Apple reportedly ordered more LCD displays as iPad demand surged in Asia

    While smartphone shipments hit a record low in Q1, tablet sales surged during the same period which saw LG Display enjoying a spike in orders for LCD panels.

    Business Korea reports that remote education and telecommuting in Asia have led to a surge in demand for the iPads. Apple is said to have asked LG Display to increase production of LCD panels for the iPad.

    Apple initially reduced orders for Q2 due to fears that the Covid-19 outbreak could dampen demand for the tablets, but it has since placed additional orders.

    LG Display is expected to operate its production lines at full throttle and start supplying Apple as early as June.

    LG Display is also rumoured to be supplying OLED panels for one of the upcoming iPhone 12 models this year.

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    Anti-5G device with ‘quantum protection’ sold for $590 actually just a 128MB USB drive

    An anti-5G device being sold for £339 (S$590) appears to be a scam and is really just a regular USB drive, say cybersecurity experts and British consumer rights authorities.

    BBC News reported that London Trading Standards (LTS) was taking action to stop sales of the 5GBioShield device by a company called BioShield Distribution, which claimed that the device provided protection against 5G dangers via “quantum technology”.

    LTS operations director Stephen Knight said the authorities considered the device a scam and that his team is working with the City of London Police’s Action Fraud squad, seeking a court order to take down the company’s website.

    The response came on the heels of an examination of the device by cybersecurity expert Ken Munro, who said the device appeared to be a typical USB key with 128MB of storage.

    His company Pen Test Partners, which focuses on taking apart consumer electronics to find security vulnerabilities, dismantled the 5GBioShield and found that the only difference between it and normal USB keys appeared to be an attached circular sticker.

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    Indian doctors go online to treat patients amid coronavirus outbreak

    GURUGRAM, India – As India’s health system grapples with the coronavirus, doctors are increasingly going online to consult with patients suffering less critical or chronic diseases, while the south Asian economy prepares to emerge from a nationwide lockdown.

    To head off a rush at clinics and an accompanying risk of infection, many doctors are turning to video calls and WhatsApp chats, in addition to regular telephone calls, to treat patients suffering from illnesses such as diabetes or kidney conditions.

    “There is a lockdown, patients cannot come, but the disease will not wait,” said Sushila Kataria, the director of internal medicine at Medanta Hospital in Gurugram near New Delhi.

    Kataria said she had started treating nearly 80 per cent of patients online, with physical check-ups limited only to urgent cases.

    Despite one of the world’s strictest lockdowns since late March, India’s tally of virus infections stands at more than 165,000, with 4,706 deaths.

    The spread has overwhelmed many hospitals, already grappling with a shortage of beds and doctors, diverting attention from non-virus patients and those with chronic illness.

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    Users can now schedule tweets through Twitter for web

    Twitter users can now tweet more freely and at their own pace with options to schedule tweets, or save drafts of unfinished tweets for later, being rolled out for Twitter’s web version.

    “Not quite ready to send that Tweet? Now on https://twitter.com you can save it as a draft or schedule it to send at a specific time – all from the Tweet composer!” tweeted the microblogging service.

    In a video attached to the tweet, it explained how users could take advantage of the new features.

    To save a draft, when closing a tweet, users instead will have an option to save it as a draft or delete it.

    Meanwhile the schedule option appears as a calendar icon at the bottom row of buttons, beside inserting a photo, gif, poll or emoji.

    Clicking on it will enable users to set the time the tweet will be posted, with controls down to the exact minute or day in a calendar month.

    Tweets can be scheduled up to two years ahead.

    The menu also states what time zone the schedule is based on.

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    Internet companies oppose rules requiring visitors to disclose social media info when entering US

    WASHINGTON – Twitter Inc, Reddit and a group representing major Internet firms backed two documentary film groups that have challenged the Trump Administration’s 2019 rules requiring nearly all US visitors to disclose social media user information from the prior five years.

    In court papers filed on Thursday, the social media sites and the Internet Association, representing Facebook, Amazon.com, Alphabet and others, said the rules force foreign nationals “to surrender their anonymity in order to travel to the United States” and “chill a vast quantity of speech and associational activity”.

    The Doc Society and the International Documentary Association filed suit in US District Court in Washington, D.C., in December.

    They said they regularly collaborate with non-US filmmakers and warn that visitors must “consider the risk that a US official will misinterpret their speech on social media, impute others’ speech to them, or subject them to additional scrutiny or delayed processing because of the views they or their contacts have expressed”.

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    Amazon removes racist messages after they appear on some product listings

    Amazon.com Inc said it was removing certain images after messages using extremely strong racist abuse appeared on some listings on its UK website when users searched for Apple’s AirPods and other similar products.

    The message sparked outrage on Twitter, with the topic “AirPods” trending in the United Kingdom.

    “We are removing the images in question and have taken action on the bad actor,” an Amazon spokeswoman told Reuters on Sunday. She did not elaborate more on the “bad actor”.

    Screenshots and video grabs of the messages were trending on Twitter, with users sharing the images.

    The listings with the abusive messages were no longer visible on the Amazon UK website and it was not clear how long they were there for.

    In April, several of Amazon’s foreign websites, including the UK domain, were added to the US trade regulator’s “notorious markets” report on marketplaces known for counterfeiting and piracy concerns.

    Amazon strongly disagreed with the report at that time, describing it as a “purely political act.”

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    Sony will show off PlayStation 5 games for the first time on 4 June

    Sony has been parcelling out information on the PlayStation 5 in dribs and drabs, and it looks like the next tidbit we’re getting will be a glimpse of the first games coming to the console.

    The company will showcase PlayStation 5 games for the first time in a live stream on June 4 at 1pm Pacific Time (4am on June 5 in Singapore), part of the Summer Game Fest created by Geoff Keighley. The stream will be hosted on both Twitch and YouTube.

    The Future of Gaming event, as Sony is calling it, will feature games from a mix of studios and run for just over an hour.

    “The games coming to PS5 represent the best in the industry from innovative studios that span the globe. Studios, both larger and smaller, those newer and those more established, all have been hard at work developing games that will showcase the potential of the hardware,” said Jim Ryan, President & CEO at Sony Interactive Entertainment, in a blog post.

    Epic Games’ recent first looks at its upcoming Unreal Engine 5, which ran on pre-release PlayStation 5 hardware, attracted millions of views, so Sony is probably eager to show off the capabilities of its next console.

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