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    ‘Shield Girl’: A face of calm amid tension in Hong Kong protests

    A lone figure sat quietly on the ground in front of a row of Hong Kong riot policemen armed with helmets, vests and shields.

    Even as night fell, the woman sat there meditating.

    Pictures of her have made the rounds on the Internet as the Hong Kong protests against an extradition Bill gathered widespread media coverage.

    Dubbed “Shield Girl”, a BBC report identified her as 26-year-old Lam Ka Lo who went to Admiralty district, where the protests took place, hours ahead of the rally last Wednesday (June 12).

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    Indonesia shows frustration with Singapore over Indo-Pacific vision

    Indonesia has subtly revealed its frustration with Singapore over stalled efforts to get ASEAN nations to declare a common vision for the Indo-Pacific region.

    An unnamed Indonesian diplomat told the The Jakarta Post that plans for ASEAN countries to sign off on the Indo-Pacific concept at this month’s ASEAN summit in Bangkok could be delayed as Singapore has not endorsed it.

    “[Singapore] argued that this concept still needed further discussion, but when asked what the issue in question was, the answer was unclear, even though it’s been discussed for over a year,” the diplomat, who requested anonymity, was quoted as saying on Thursday.

    Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi and the ministry’s spokesperson did not respond to requests for comment on Friday.

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    Designers Lim and Leon quit French label Kenzo after eight years

    The American designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon are quitting Kenzo, the French fashion label said Friday.

    The two Asian-Americans have led the brand founded by Japanese-born creator Kenzo Takada for the last eight years.

    The duo, who the brand said had “revitalised it with a series of bold creative ideas that have reverberated throughout the fashion industry”, are leaving to concentrate on US retailer Opening Ceremony, which they set up in 2002.

    Korean-American Lim, 44, and Leon, 44, whose mother was Chinese seamstress, will stage their final show for Kenzo during Paris men’s fashion week next Sunday.

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    UNICEF: Few in Japan use world ‘best’ paternity leave system

    NEW YORK – Though fathers in Japan are provided with the longest paid leave for childcare, the number of those who actually use it is very small, according to a UNICEF report.

    UNICEF on Thursday released a report on “family-friendly policies” that include a paid-leave system for fathers in 41 countries that are members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, or of the European Union.

    The UNICEF report said that Japan ranks highest in paid-leave systems for fathers, but “in practice, very few fathers take this leave.”

    The report calculated the duration of parental leave for fathers at full-rate equivalent.

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    Size isn’t everything – and other tips for buying a better monitor

    It’s getting easier and easier to work, chat and get things done on smartphones, tablets or laptops. Years ago, the desktop PC would have been used for most tasks. But today, is there any point buying a proper monitor any more?

    Yes is the answer, because they still have their advantages.

    One of those advantages is the ergonomic factor. A desk-bound monitor allows a better body position for the user. “If you’re sitting at a notebook for a long time, you will notice how it affects your back due to the uncomfortable position,” says tech tester Sebastien Bonset.

    Bonset advises users to adjust the monitor so that your eyes are exactly in line with the upper edge of the screen. Workplace monitors come with clear requirements such as the ability to freely tilt the screen and raise or lower its height. Home users should expect the same capabilities.

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    Pakistan politician does livestream with cat whiskers, ears

    PESHAWAR – A politician in northwestern Pakistan was given paws for thought after his press conference was streamed live on Facebook with the “cat filter” turned on, giving him on-screen whiskers and ears.

    The online stream of regional minister Shaukat Yousafzai speaking with journalists went viral on Friday (June 14) after a member of his social media team accidentally activated the filter on the social network.

    Comments started pouring in as Facebook users noticed pink cat-like ears and whiskers had appeared on the heads of the minister and two accompanying officials.

    There’s “a cat in the cabinet” one said. Others were more literal: “Shaukat Yousafzai looks like a cat – Meow meow meow,”.

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    Hong Kong braces for huge rally despite Carrie Lam’s climbdown over extradition Bill

    HONG KONG – Hong Kong braces for another mass rally on Sunday (June 16) as public anger seethes following unprecedented clashes between protesters and police over an extradition law, despite a climbdown by the city’s embattled leader in suspending the Bill.

    Organisers are hoping for another mammoth turnout as they vowed to keep pressure on chief executive Carrie Lam, who suspended work on the hugely divisive Bill on Saturday after days of mounting pressure, saying she had misjudged the public mood.

    Critics fear the Beijing-backed law will tangle people up in China’s notoriously opaque and politicised courts and damage the city’s reputation as a safe business hub.

    The international finance hub was rocked by the worst political violence since its 1997 handover to China on Wednesday as tens of thousands of protesters were dispersed by riot police firing tear gas and rubber bullets.

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    Vietnam border guard opens fire on colleagues before committing suicide

    HANOI – A Vietnamese border guard open fire and injured three people at his patrol station before killing himself on Saturday (June 15), state media reported in the communist country where gun violence is extremely rare.

    Civilians are banned from owning guns in Vietnam, a one-party state where a vast police force and soldiers are among the few officials with access to weapons.

    On Saturday, a border guard in southern Long An province near Cambodia opened fire at his post injuring two colleagues and a local resident, according to the official Vietnam News Agency.

    The shooter holed himself up at the post in Binh Hiep commune before committing suicide, VNA said, identifying him as second lieutenant Ta Quang Dat.

    “Dat had shown recent signs of psychological disorder and he just returned from treatment,” VNA reported.

    Some unverified media reports said one of the injured victims later died in hospital.

    Roads were blocked around the crime scene and local residents were evacuated from the area.

    A local official requesting anonymity told AFP earlier “authorities were working at the scene”, without providing further details.

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    Franco Zeffirelli, Italian film and opera director, dies at 96

    Franco Zeffirelli, who directed the world’s greatest opera singers and brought Shakespeare to the cinema-going masses, has died. He was 96.

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    12 deliciously guilt-free snacks you can munch on at work

    These wholesome treats – nope, not an oxymoron – should help when the hunger pangs strike at work. You won’t believe how these healthy bites can taste so delicious.


    Photo: Snackguru

    You might have doubts but beef jerky is actually healthy and good for weight loss. It’s high in protein and doesn’t raise your levels of insulin, a hormone that controls how you store fat.

    Snack Guru promises no refined sugar, preservatives and additives in their products. Plus, their beef jerky’s come in all sorts of different flavours and types. It’s the perfect tasty-work snack if you need a munchie around the office.

    $7.90, Snack Guru


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