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    Travellers feel ‘inadequately rewarded’ for loyalty to travel brands

    Travellers Loyalty

    Most people have a go-to travel brand they consider above all else, however, many travellers say they don’t feel adequately rewarded for their loyalty to travel and hospitality brands.

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    British-born Nigerian actor hopes black skinhead film will ‘heal’ pain

    British-born Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje was taken into foster care by a white family near London as a baby in the 1960s. As a youth, the unthinkable happened: the black boy joined a gang of violent white supremacists.

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    Already born myopic, teen’s eyes get severely deformed after mobile gaming addiction

    When your parents tell you that video games will spoil your eyes, you should probably know that science can back up their claims. 

    A teen in China had his eyeballs severely deformed thanks to a potent combination of congenital myopia and a serious addiction to mobile games. 

    Oriental Daily reported that the 15-year-old boy from Guangdong Province was already born with congenital myopia, an affliction that develops in infants and causes nearsightedness.

    Due to the obstruction along the visual pathway, the eye becomes elongated in response, resulting in distance blur. 

    Though its effects could have been slowed down early on, the boy’s family mentioned that he was not willing to wear glasses as he was afraid of being teased by his classmates. 

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    Online food fight ensues over article about Singapore having the best street food in the world

    Singapore is definitely a lot of things — economic powerhouse, expensive to live in, millennial-friendly (whatever that means). But one thing’s for sure; the Little Red Dot technically does not host the world’s best street food. 

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    Guy from dating app turns nasty after getting rejected, says he’s got $354,000 to show her she’s ‘missing out’

    In this digital age, more people are trying out online dating in their quest to find love.

    However, like any form of dating, women may have to sift through a handful of frogs before finding their prince.

    Stomp contributor Carrine decided to sign up for Facebook Dating on Friday (Oct 18) and received a message from a match the next morning.

    They exchanged numbers and started chatting but on Sunday afternoon, the conversation took a turn.

    “It got really weird and nasty,” Carrine told Stomp.

    “He started chatting with me through the Facebook Dating app and because I was seldom on Facebook, I agreed to continue the conversation through WhatsApp.

    “He was chatty from the beginning, telling me about himself and asking me what I’m doing, where I’m from, where I live and so on.

    “It was getting to the extent that I didn’t feel like sharing too much so I stopped for a while.

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    Quran teacher in Indonesia allegedly molests 7 elementary school girls

    A Quran teacher, identified only as AI in Jatinegara, East Jakarta, is suspected of molesting seven elementary school girls.

    He allegedly offered his victims money for them not to resist nor divulge his deeds.

    The abuse, however, was revealed after one of the victims’ mothers was suspicious of changes in her daughter’s body condition. The mother examined her child, who felt pain while urinating, and revealed that she had been molested.

    “The mother asked her if she was sick and the child revealed that she had been molested by AI, who was a Quran teacher,” said Bambang Purwanto, 55, a member of a nearby community unit service, on Saturday, as quoted by kompas.com.

    Bambang said that after finding out what had happened, the girl’s mother did not immediately report to the police but went to a number of her daughter’s friends and found out that there were others who had allegedly also been molested by the same person.

    “The girl’s mother found out that apparently there were six other victims from three different community units, the majority of whom were under 11 years old, who claimed to have been molested by AI since July,” Bambang said.

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    Daily roundup: ‘Crazy uncle’ spotted driving car along East Coast Park cycling path – and other top stories today

    Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

    1. ​‘Crazy uncle’ spotted driving car along East Coast Park cycling path

    Some people take the motivational quote “make your own path in life” way too literally… » READ MORE

    2. Father lets baby sit on floor near MRT doors, allegedly tells concerned bystander it’s not his problem

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    Aerotel launches ‘one-of-a-kind’ brand in Beijing

    Aerotel has opened its latest set of accommodations at Beijing Daxing International Airport, the first hotel of its kind in China. Song Hoi-see, founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group said: “This is one of the moments we like to celebrate with international travellers. Not only we welcome Aerotel Beijing joining our global network of […]

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    7 dim sum buffets Singapore from $15 per pax – Best promotions & prices (2019)

    There’s nothing more Chinese than gathering around a round table and indulging in little pots of dim sum.

    And dim sum buffets make it possible for all the older people at the table to pile your plate with food without having to incur additional costs.

    That’s probably why they are such a popular choice for family gatherings, or hungry groups of friends. But before going, don’t forget to check out ongoing promotions!


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    Chinese man charged with stabbing protester in Hong Kong

    A mainland Chinese man was on Monday charged with stabbing a 19-year-old student who was handing out anti-government protest leaflets in northern Hong Kong over the weekend, as the teenager remained in a serious condition in hospital.

    The 22-year-old suspect – whose permission to stay in the city, the Post has learned, had expired on Friday – was charged with one count of wounding with intent. The case was scheduled for mention at Fanling Magistrates’ Courts on Monday afternoon, police said.

    The victim, a Form Six student surnamed Hung, was distributing leaflets near a so-called “Lennon Wall” – a public mural of pro-protest messages and artwork – in an underpass outside Tai Po Market MTR station on Saturday when he was attacked with a knife in the neck and stomach.

    He was sent to Prince of Wales Hospital, and was in a serious condition as of 10am on Monday, according to the Hospital Authority.

    The alleged attacker turned himself in to police late on Saturday.

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