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    Daily roundup: Singapore Airlines denies snooping with in-flight entertainment cameras – and other top stories today

    Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

    1. Singapore Airlines denies snooping with in-flight entertainment cameras​

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    Blown away by innovation or price? Samsung's foldable phone opens up debate

    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has wowed the smartphone industry with the first mainstream foldable screen, accompanied by a nearly $2,000 ($2,700) price tag that generated heated debate as to whether it may prove too expensive to revive slumping sales.

    The South Korean tech giant unveiled the Galaxy Fold which resembles a conventional smartphone, but which opens like a book to reveal a second display the size of a small tablet at 18.5 cm (7.3 inches). It will go on sale on April 26.

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    Breathe in, breathe out set to become a travel industry favourite

    The 13th annual Summit will be held at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong from 15-17 October 2019. We sat down with Susie Ellis, chairman & CEO, Global Wellness Summit before the madness begins.

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    Indonesian girl creates online reviews for soap by tasting them

    It’s pretty hard to admit that some of us have weird taste buds and strange cravings – especially for women who are on their monthly period or worse – pregnant.

    Though, let’s be honest – there are just some food items that our peers may not like, but for us, is absolutely mouthwatering!

    In this case, an Indonesian girl named Khosik Assyifa has a blatantly bizarre set of taste buds. Because she’s not trying different variants of food, she’s taste-tasting various bars of soap!

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    Man surprises wife with $1.3 million lottery win as early Valentine's gift

    One man in Virginia, United States definitely made his wife a lot happier in time for Valentine’s Day last week, by letting her know that they are now $1 million (S$1.35 million) richer, through a lottery win.

    Terry Mudd told Virginia Lottery officials last Wednesday, Feb. 13, that he purchased the winning ticket after forgetting to buy something at the grocery store. He said it is a bad habit of his to often forget something from his wife’s grocery list

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    3-year-old girl killed as car crashes into house in Penang

    GEORGE TOWN – A three-year-old girl was killed after she was hit by a car which then rammed into a house in Tanjung Tokong.

    It is believed that the driver the car had accidentally stepped on the accelerator when reversing her car and knocked into the victim before crashing into a house.

    The victim, Annur Sumayyah Syabandi, died in the ambulance as she was being taken to the Penang Hospital.

    A post-mortem conducted at the hospital revealed that she had died from “severe head injuries consistent with blunt trauma”.

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    Duterte to Filipino drug lord Peter Lim: 'Don't ever surrender to me alive, commit suicide'

    MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday offered a hard-nosed advise to alleged big time drug lord Peter Lim: Don’t surrender alive, just commit suicide.

    In a speech in Malacañang, the tough-talking Chief Executive said it would be better for Lim to “tie his own neck” than surrender.

    “Ito si Peter Lim, you know, if I were you, I would commit suicide,” Duterte said.”Do not ever, ever surrender to me alive because you would commit suicide.”

    “Ganun din, i-abbreviate mo na, at least ikaw pa magtali sa leeg mo,” he added.

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    'Die! Die!': Video shows Korean Air 'nut rage' heiress assaulting husband

    SEOUL – A video clip showing a woman who appears to be Cho Hyun-ah, formerly Korean Air vice president, shouting at her husband, and photos showing his injuries were revealed late on Wednesday (Feb 20).

    In the video, the woman shouts “Die! Die!” at her husband, surnamed Park, who filed for divorce last year citing physical and verbal abuse against him and their twin sons.

    Photos released along with the video show injuries to the man’s neck – apparently strangle marks.

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    Grab teases on big partnerships this year

    Grab is not yet done as the ride-hailing app Grab has plans to expand into business ranging from health care to insurance to video streaming through big partnerships and raised funding.

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    Travel tech this week: New start-ups and groundbreaking updates

    This week, we saw new start-ups launch worldwide KIWIride, SensorFlow, and Bounce. Zudu cooked up digital strategies while Egencia updated its platform to enhance customer experiences, business value and employee care.

    The post Travel tech this week: New start-ups and groundbreaking updates appeared first on Travel Daily.

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