AI will complement rather than take over humans, experts say

Technologists have predicted that machines will surpass humans in many complicated tasks in the near future.

Metal will beat flesh in language translation in the next five years, be better at writing high-school essays two years beyond that, excel at driving a truck by 2027 and work in retail service by 2031, according to research by Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute and Yale University.

The same survey predicted a 50 per cent chance that AI will outperform humans in all tasks in just 45 years.

But some tasks will still elude the bots, especially those that require decision-making based on unprecedented information outside the database, or “sealed book” of past experiences that they depend on, according to Wong Kam-fai, a professor in engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and one of the first batch of national experts appointed by the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence.

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