Amidst e-scooter ban, internet hails GrabFood rider who helped old taxi driver change flat tyre

Social media has gone into overdrive with dozens of videos depicting angry food delivery workers confronting politicians over the banning of e-scooters (their main mode of transportation) from footpaths. 

While this incident has nothing to do with the ongoing back-and-forth between the government and the people affected by the new regulation, it’s a little something to lighten up the divisive state of affairs.

A Facebook user who goes by Ah Sheng Good Boii shared how he witnessed a GrabFood rider coming to the aid of a cabbie who needed help in changing a flat tyre in the wee hours of this morning. 

According to Ah Sheng, the elderly taxi driver had been “begging people for help” to change the tyre as he wasn’t strong enough to do so by himself. No one was around to help him — that is, until a personal mobility device (PMD)-riding GrabFood deliveryman stepped up. 

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