An art book advertisement leak has seemingly confirmed Diablo 4

BlizzCon 2019 is a mere 10 days away, but the leaks are already here!

With all the drama that has gone down with Blizzard lately, BlizzCon 2019 has been interesting to speculate about. Blizzard would have to go big after all these PR nightmare scenarios, and it seems like they’re going to – by revealing Diablo 4.

As with all leaks, take this with a grain of salt. This image comes from the German magazine Gamestar, displaying an ad for ‘The Art of Diablo’. The book itself is real and will feature art from the Diablo franchise.

The text on the ad, however, reveals that the book will have ‘over 500 artworks from Diablo, Diablo 2, Diablo 3 and Diablo 4’. Well, hold up a minute now. Diablo 4?

What do you think?

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