Apple takes art to city streets to augment reality

Tech giant Apple is taking art out of the gallery and splashing it on the real world, creating playful, digital skylines with technology that critics fear could become sinister and invasive.

Fans said the Apple augmented reality (AR) tool – active in Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and San Francisco – improves real-life, superimposing digital words and images on old landmarks.

PHOTO: Video screengrab from Youtube/Lester’s VHS Emporium

But privacy watchers fear AR could become a tool that makes urban spaces playgrounds for corporations and financial gain.

The interactive artworks – colourful words and images that whoosh over skylines and float above buildings – are part of an Apple tour that needs an app and smartphone.

Apple commissioned the art with the New York-based New Museum, creating works by seven poets and performers from Nick Cave to Carsten Hoeller.

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