Armless Dentist: The brutal couple behind viral grindcore songs about mala and bubble tea

I’m a bit of a grindcore man myself. My youth was filled with pasting pictures of Pig Destroyer album covers and The Locust lyrics on my looseleaf binders that I brought to school — to the disgust of classmates and some lecturers of course, but I relished in being the non-conformist. Ah, such cringeworthy days. 

Today, grindcore remains a genre that’s still very much considered abnormal for being highly-niche heavy-metal music that has a relatively small but fiercely loyal fanbase. But thanks to Armless Dentist — a grindcore-gone-acoustic outfit — the genre is getting (some) recognition among the normies. 

Why though? It’s because couple Darell Sungkono and Claire Choo bring the brutality to basic things beloved by Singaporeans and seemingly everyone in the Subtle Asian Traits Facebook group.

What do you think?

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