Bang for buck: Which gaming subscription offers the most value right now?

What do you think of when people mention “subscription service” nowadays? For many of us, the first word that pops into mind would probably be Netflix.

And although such business models have been around a while, Netflix was the company that shoved that business model into the public eye.

Fundamentally, this model operates along the same lines as most newspaper subscriptions.

By paying a certain amount every so often, usually monthly or yearly, users get access to the service’s entire repertoire of games and bonuses for that same duration of time.

Essentially, this business model aims to derive consistent returns over a period of time versus a single big dollop of money.

Following Netflix’s train of thought, it didn’t take long for other companies, especially gaming publishers to think along similar lines for their own video games.

Currently, we now have various such options, like Xbox Game Pass, EA Access and Apple Arcade, among others that utilise such a model.

What do you think?

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