Battle of the gaming consoles: Xbox vs PS4 vs Nintendo Switch

Gamers unite! Or actually split. Between the Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch, all of which have their loyal following, it is hard to choose a clear winner amongst them.

In this age of game exclusivity, a gamer’s biggest woe is not the price tag, but rather which console to get.

Here, we dive into the key features and offerings that set the three players apart and help you decide which is the best to get.

When the Nintendo Switch was just released, it was barely considered a direct competitor to the Xbox and Playstation in terms of gameplay and experience. It was simply seen as a portable extension of a gaming console and lacked that particular edge to compete with the latest releases of the Xbox and Playstation.

Yet, the Nintendo Switch remains one of the most popular items, especially whenever there’s a sale. And here’s why.

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