Blast to the past: The really old games that inspired the now

As everyone hypes up and gawks at the next-generation of consoles and games, it’s pretty amazing to think how far we’ve come from the time of Pong and Super Mario.

At such times, it’s worth taking a minute (or ten) to revisit some of the forefathers of modern games, preferably with a cup of tea or coffee in hand.

And no, we won’t just be looking at all the mainstream favourites like Street Fighter or The Legend of Zelda this time – those are spoken for.

We’re talking games that are much older and less well-known to younger gamers. Games like Herzog and Herzog Zwei, for example.

1. Real-time strategy: Herzog (1988) /Herzog Zwei (1989)
PHOTO: TechnosoftDon’t worry if you don’t recognise this one. Not only is it a little obscure, but we also wouldn’t expect you to remember a name that sounds like it came from a Buzz Lightyear cartoon.

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