Boy or girl? US parents go too far in gender reveals

A plane crash in Texas, a deadly explosion in Iowa, a massive fire in Arizona — elaborate baby gender reveal parties, a growing trend among parents in the US, have taken a nightmarish turn.

“It’s a girl!” After dropping 350 gallons of pink-coloured water, a small plane flying at low altitude suddenly stalled, crashing in a Texas field.

There were fortunately no victims in the early-September crash, but another such party — where expecting parents stage elaborate events to reveal their future child’s sex — turned fatal when an Iowa woman, 56, was killed the following month by shrapnel from a pipe bomb.

American parents are no longer satisfied with the traditional gender reveal method: cutting a cake to reveal, after much suspense, a blue interior (for a boy) or a pink one (for a girl).

With the rise of social media, gender reveals have become more and more sophisticated and “extreme,” according to Carly Gieseler, a professor of gender and media studies at City University of New York (CUNY).

She has studied the gender reveal trend since its birth at the end of the 2000s.

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