Boyfriend of Taiwanese tourist in skimpy ‘bikini’ pleads for netizens to stop sharing her photos

A pair of strings took the internet by storm last week after a Taiwanese tourist in Boracay was fined 2,500 pesos (S$67) for walking around in a bikini considered overly skimpy for the locals’ liking.

The incident spurred a massive dog hunt for the elusive “lewd” photos, many of which were shared without censoring the girl’s face or body. As a result, her identity has since been compromised and her daily life affected, reported Apple Daily.

Her boyfriend spoke out in a message sent to the Taiwanese publication on Tuesday (Oct 15), seeking to clarify details of the incident while accusing local media of false reporting and doxxing. 

According to him, his girlfriend never claimed to regularly wear such bikinis in Taiwan.

The content of his message revealed that the two first spotted the revealing bikini on sale when they arrived in Boracay on Oct 9. He had then proposed a bet that should his girlfriend lose, she would wear the bikini.

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