Cambodian internet star sets sights on university as he settles into school

Thuch Salik, the young Cambodian street hawker who became an internet star last year when he was filmed selling souvenirs to tourists at Angkor Wat in more than a dozen languages, has found there is much to like about going to school in eastern China.

Instead of attending classes for half a day then working for his parents for the other half in Siem Reap, the 15-year-old has full-time studies at Hailiang Foreign Language School, a private boarding school in Zhuji, Zhejiang province.

Thuch, who is smaller than classmates his age, is studying and exercising hard in the hope of becoming a strong and educated adult. He had his eye on a place at a university in Beijing, he said.

“I like it here very much, because it is very beautiful,” he said with a grin. “I like studying English and Chinese. I like the classroom, I like to eat rice, and I like my room.”

Thuch, whose story won him admiration and a full-time education, shares a dormitory with three South Korean classmates.

He studies for 10 days in a row then has four days off.

He said he enjoyed school life far from home.

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