Central Java governor orders end to monthly slaughter of 13,000 dogs for food

The Central Java administration is requiring regents and mayors across the province to ban the consumption of dog meat throughout the region.

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo passed the order following reports of a distribution network catering to dog meat consumers in the province, most of which are based in Surakarta Raya, which includes Surakarta city and its surrounding regencies.

“We must push the Surakarta administration to issue a strict regulation that prohibits people from consuming or selling dog meat,” Ganjar said after a meeting with representatives from a nongovernmental organisation, Dog Meat Free Indonesia (DMFI), on Tuesday.

According to the DMFI, about 13,700 dogs are slaughtered every month for sale as food through stalls across Surakarta Raya.

Ganjar asserted that dog meat was not to be consumed, citing a 2012 law on food, which stipulates that dogs are not qualified to be consumable food sources since they are neither farm nor forest products.

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