Chatroom: Singaporean indie games developer Joysteak Studios on birbs, burnout, and mental health

Born in 2017, Joysteak Studios is a three-man squad of NUS graduates: Muhammad Hanif, Tan Kang Soon, and Chue Sai Hou. The trio has been working on an insanely adorable musical platformer, Songbird Symphony, which finally gets to leave its nest on July 25 this year.

So far, the award-winning game has already received praise from Waypoint and Alpha Beta Gamer for its relatable, heartfelt story about Birb, a lonely chick with an identity crisis. Players guide Birb on a journey to find out who and what he is, all while facing musical battles, familiar platform mechanics, and collecting special feathers. On the way, Birb meets an assortment of creatures as he learns the language of the forest.

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