China introduces new technologies to ease Lunar New Year travel rush

Hundreds of millions of Chinese people are expected to travel across the country for family reunions over this year’s Spring Festival, and China has unveiled new technologies to improve the experience for them.

At the Hangzhou East Railway Station, passengers who lose their identification cards can get temporary IDs within 30 seconds with the help of facial recognition, according to a report by state media outlet China News Services.

The “temporary ID self-service printer” will match the passengers’ faces with their ID numbers and print out the new identification documents, the report said. Previously, passengers had to either queue at staffed counters to get temporary IDs or visit a police station to replace their IDs.

There will also be a security robot powered by fifth-generation mobile network (5G) technology, which will help staff at the railway station to detect suspicious people and behaviour, according to the same report. The robot will use artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse the behaviour of people in the station.

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