China’s Gen Z falling victim to scams aided by one-touch mobile payments

It’s one of the oldest scams in the book – a caller says your son or daughter is in trouble and asks for money to be transferred to an unfamiliar bank account. The surprise is that many people, usually the elderly, still fall for this age-old trick.

But a bigger surprise may be that the racket is getting a Gen Z makeover, and young people are also falling for it. The accomplices: easy one-touch mobile payment transfers and the fact that most Gen Z, the digital natives who prefer online chats to voice calls, won’t think of calling the other party to check.

For Xue Youbo, an 18-year-old college student, it was all over in a few seconds.

The fraudster hacked into the QQ account of one of Xue’s friends, enabling him to impersonate the friend and send an urgent request for money with the excuse that his father was in a car accident.

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