Chinese AI companies stress social responsibility

Experts from China’s artificial intelligence companies underscored how the industry is devoted to alleviating social problems globally, as AI took centre stage recently at the world’s largest tech expo.

“Today we are applying AI technology to fields such as education and health, which carry social significance. And we’re using it to solve some supply chain problems,” Duan Dawei, senior vice-president and CFO of China’s top voice-recognition company, iFlytek, said in an interview on Jan 8 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Global tech companies were showing their best at the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show, which concluded on Jan 10.

“I believe our practice of helping low-income regions with scarce resources to develop has global significance,” he said during an introduction of the company’s latest products, which included a real-time translator with support for 60 languages, a smart education companion and a language learning portal to teach Chinese to students of all levels.

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