Chinese netizens angrily respond to video of Caucasian kids causing a ruckus in metro train

We all have public transport horror stories, including finding an unidentifiable substance spilt on the seat of the bus or seeing someone puke in an MRT train. 

Unfortunately for this cabin of train passengers in Shanghai, China, they might have faced something just as bad: misbehaving kids. 

Chinese news outlet WeVideo had shared a 43-seconds-long footage of their childish shenanigans on popular video sharing and live-streaming application, Miaopai, on Monday (Nov 11).

The clip shows a group of Caucasian kids being a downright nuisance to fellow commuters in the 11th cabin of the Shanghai metro train.

With no one reprimanding them, the kids could be seen swinging on the handgrips and goofing around along the aisle.

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