Chinese robotics company unveils a robot for eye surgeries

Zhongrui Funing Robotics Co Ltd (FN Robotics), a Shenyang, Liaoning-based unit of Zhongrui Funing Holding Group, China’s leading intelligent service robots company, has announced the release of the nation’s first ophthalmic robot for sensitive eye surgeries, putting China’s medical robotics industry on a par with Western counterparts.

Wan Meihui, Chief engineer of FN Robotics, said the ophthalmic robot (OR) can complete the injection treatment of age-related macular degeneration for the eyes in one second, a procedure that used to take more than an hour.

“The OR can greatly shorten the operation time and cost, but also improve the comfort of patients. I am sure it will bring revolutionary changes to this niche but vital medical market. OR is a milestone in the medical robotics industry in China and even in the world,” said Wan.

The Ophthalmological Society of the Chinese Medical Association said there are about 40,000 qualified ophthalmologists in China, close to the number operating in the United States.

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