Chinese tech firms muscle in on L’Oreal, Neutrogena and other beauty brands

Western skincare brands have introduced a new generation of tech-enabled devices that allow a hyper-personal approach to beauty and skin health. Now China’s leading photo editing company and e-commerce giants are joining in.

In the past year, big names such as Neutrogena and L’Oreal have been racing to upgrade their at-home skincare capabilities with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), sensors, and connected wearables.

Earlier this year, Neutrogena, known for its AI-powered facial analysis app, Skin360, announced it had a next-level personalisation beauty tech product in the works: a 3D-printed face mask. L’Oreal unveiled a discreet, clip-on sensor late last year that would help wearers monitor their time in the sun.

It turns out Chinese tech giant Meitu hasn’t been far behind. Meitu, whose app “Meitu Xiuxiu” claims around 455 million monthly active users, is a company that has garnered a worldwide reputation not for tangible skincare products and make-up, but for giving smartphone users a way to digitally buff out blemishes in their selfies.

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