Close Comfort personal air conditioner review

With tropical climate comes sweltering weather, and along with that, the demand for personal air coolers is on a rise among homeowners – after all, not every home has an air conditioning installed.

With that said, Close Comfort, a West-Australian company, has released a new portable air conditioner, the Close Comfort Cool Focus Personal Air Conditioner. Set to focus on the individual, the aircon offers a unique take on personal air cooling.
PHOTO: Geek CultureThe Cool Focus is neither an air cooler, nor a conventional aircon, but a personal aircon as what it essentially does is that it creates a microclimate around you instead of trying to cool a whole room – think of it as creating a bubble of cool air around it.

What sets the Cool Focus apart from your typical aircon is that Close Comfort claims that you can save up to 75 per cent on power as it consumes only 300 watts for a single day of 8 hours of use.

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