Concerns rise over microplastics in stomachs of mackerel caught in Thailand

The discovery of microplastics in the stomachs of mackerel caught in Trang Sea have raised concerns, but the 3rd Marine National Park Operation Centre urged Thais on Wednesday to refrain from panicking and shunning mackerel.

The centre urged people to instead get full awareness of the problem and join in tackling the sea garbage crisis.

The centre plans to expand its study to cover Trang’s famous edible clams such as “Hoy Tapao” donax scortum clams, “Hoy Chakteen” wing shells, and “Hoy Phisua” butterfly clams.

Thai social media had widely shared and discussed the centre’s discovery of an estimated 78 pieces of microplastic on average in the stomachs of mackerel caught from Hat Chao Mai Beach.

Research assistant Saowalak Khaosaeng, 30, said the study stemmed from the centre’s daily collection of garbage at sea to separate for types and weight to monitor the quantity of sea waste.

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