Covid-19: Stranded Ukrainian jumps to his death in Thailand

The body of a 49-year-old Ukrainian national was found outside an abandoned hotel in Surat Thani downtown on Thursday (July 30), and it is believed he committed suicide by jumping off the roof.

Officials identified the body to be that of Ukraine-national Tomak Myokola, and also found a brown backpack, a grey long-sleeved jacket and two empty bottles of beer on the hotel’s roof. The backpack contained a hotel room key, seasoning sauce and a motorcycle key.

Police believe the tourist was possibly stressed by Covid-19 restrictions blocking him from returning home, so he decided to break into the abandoned building, drink beer on the roof before jumping to this death.

Officers will go to the hotel where the man was staying and check CCTV footage for further information.

Those suffering from problems or contemplating suicide can contact the Befrienders service nearest them. For a full list of numbers and operating hours, go to 

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