Crowded Bangkok shopping area threatened with closure

Shops and stalls in a busy Bangkok soi have been threatened with closure unless they start complying with social distancing measures to halt the spread of Covid-19. 

The warning came after Ratchathewi District officials checked businesses in the Pratunam area yesterday (May 21) and found many were failing to implement measures to guard against the disease.

The officials found that vendors and shops on Phetchaburi Soi 21, which hosts a morning market, were still flouting hygiene rules after being allowed to reopen on May 17 under the second phase of lockdown easing.

Ratchathewi District director Rujira Arin warned that operators must start complying with the social distancing directive or officials would order their shops and stalls to be closed down.

The district chief added that Phetchaburi Soi 21 was a connecting road with a variety of vendors, and tended to get crowded.

There was a problem managing the number of people entering the area, so local shops and stalls would be asked to adopt the ThaiChana QR code platform to reduce crowding.

Vendors in the area have been given until today (May 22) to comply with the rules.

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