Deeeer Simulator is a perfectly normal game about a gun-toting deer with a mech

Goat Simulator opened up a lot of doors for indie developers to get really weird with their creations, it seems.

Indie game publisher Playism has announced that their game Deeeer Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game is entering early access on Steam. The game is created by Japanese developer Naspapa Games and based on, “everyday scenes you would see in Nara, Japan.”

You see, it’s a little known fact, but Nara, Japan is actually a hellscape of gun-toting deer fighting hippos with gatling guns – when they’re not flying around in mechs made of assorted animals, that is.

At least… that’s what the game’s trailer tells us. Naspapa Games calls this game’s genre ‘Slow Life Town Destruction’, and hey, that’s actually pretty accurate.

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