Diabetics can join the bubble tea party in Malaysia with healthier version

PETALING JAYA – A Malaysian-owned company has developed low Glycemic Index (GI) pearls, sugar syrup and sugar caramel for bubble tea that is safe for diabetics.

Expected to be available in the Malaysian market in the first quarter of next year, the low-GI ingredients for bubble tea was made by ASX-listed Holista CollTech Ltd in collaboration with local fruit processing company SunFresh Fruit Hub Sdn Bhd (Fruit Hub).

Fruit Hub’s parent company in Taiwan supplies tapioca pearls to several bubble tea chains in Greater China with a combined network of over 5,000 stores.

Fruit Hub has started manufacturing pearls at its facility in Lanchang, Pahang, with production expected to hit 300,000 tonnes a month by year end.

“The challenge is to offer a healthier version which can significantly reduce the potential of higher incidence of diabetes and obesity.

“We are combining science with the market reach and understanding of the needs of bubble tea manufacturers and vendors to offer a healthier alternative without increasing cost of production,” Holista founder and chief executive officer Datuk Dr Rajen Manicka said.

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