Facebook’s new Manage Activity feature lets you clean up your past on the social network

In other Facebook news, the social networking giant is rolling out a new feature that lets you ‘curate your presence’ on Facebook.

Called ‘Manage Activity’, this feature basically provides a one-stop venue for you to archive or delete your old posts.

The archive function is easy to understand: Like email archiving, it’s best used for Facebook posts you don’t want others to see but like to retain a copy for yourself.

The trash function, on the other hand, is for post deletions. Posts that you send to trash will remain there for 30 days (in case you change your mind) but you can also manually delete them immediately.

For heavy Facebook users, Manage Activity will come with controls that let you manage your posts in bulk, including filters to help you sort and find specific content, posts with specific friends or posts from a specific date range.

Manage Activity is already live on Facebook Lite. It’s also coming to Facebook’s other mobile apps. Desktop support will arrive ‘in the future’.

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