Families are major source of abuse for gay women, trans people, report says

Family members are often the main perpetrators of abuse against lesbians, bisexual women and transgender people, according to a major global report published on Monday.

The study of 24 countries by Britain’s leading LGBT+ rights organisation Stonewall found participants in Zimbabwe in particular were more likely to suffer violence from relatives than from strangers.

More than half of the people in the southern African nation who took part in the two-year “Out of the Margins” project said they had experienced physical abuse at the hands of family members.

In Venezuela, all of the trans men who were surveyed reported attacks by relatives. Mothers in Venezuelan families were cited as the main aggressors by 71 per cent of bisexuals and 48 per cent of lesbians.

Dima, a respondent to the report in Russia’s Chechen Republic who did not give his surname, told the researchers that a lesbian friend of his was killed by her husband’s relatives when they found out she was gay.

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