Filipino duo Lesha x ELM wins YouTube music contest

Lesha x ELM, a pop music team from the Philippines, is the only Asian group to win Best Cover Ever – an online music contest organized by YouTube – and the chance to perform with American dance-rock band DNCE.

Best Cover Ever is a music contest on YouTube that connects top modern musicians with talented fans. The latest competition has had nine rounds of auditions since it kicked off on November 20.

People submit audition videos online to YouTube and the top two finalists are chosen by the featured artist. The finalists are flown to Los Angeles to compete in a live show for the chance to perform together with the artist.

Lesha x ELM is made up of vocalist Lesha Litonjua, 20, plus rapper Leo Malli, 19, who knew each other in college. They began performing and uploading cover songs on YouTube last year. Early this year, they released their first extended play in the Philippines.

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The duo beat Will Makar from Houston, Texas, with their rendition of DNCE’s “Kissing Strangers”. They won the opportunity to perform and collaborate with DNCE, The Philippine Star reported.

The duo submitted their audition video by uploading their cover song of DNCE’s “Toothbrush” to YouTube’s Best Cover Ever.

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Lesha x ELM was chosen by DNCE to be one of the finalists and they were sent to Los Angeles to compete in the live play-off.

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The episode with DNCE was uploaded to YouTube on December 22.

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