Fitbit clarifies that the company, not the Singapore government, is giving away health trackers

Wearables brand Fitbit has clarified that it, rather than the Singapore Government, will be giving away up to a million health trackers after details of its partnership with the Health Promotion Board (HPB) were reported incorrectly by several media outlets.

In a statement issued on Friday (Aug 23), the United States-based company confirmed that it has set up a partnership with the HPB to take part in the Live Healthy SG programme, which was announced on Wednesday.

The partnership ties in with Fitbit’s targeted giveaway of one million health trackers – although some media outlets took this to mean that the HPB would be giving them away.

The government agency’s actual involvement is that it can access fitness data through the programme – as long as users consent to it – to provide insights and contribute to more effective health promotion programmes for Singapore.

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