For Carousell founder Quek Siu Rui, starting up hasn’t been a walk in the park

Quek Siu Rui has not taken a holiday in nearly eight years.

Since he co-founded Carousell in 2012, almost all of the 32-year-old’s free time has been devoted to thinking about what is next, he said. “I have this almost extreme view of the world where [if you do something] you’ve got to do it well and good. You’ve got to be laser-focused and almost obsessed about it.”

As the face of one of Singapore’s most prominent start-ups – widely recognised as a pioneer in mobile classifieds – it comes as little surprise that Quek is almost constantly working. On weekends, he often has to remind himself not to send emails to employees, he said, admitting that he has wished the weekend would pass more quickly so his workweek could begin again.

So when asked what he would like to do as part of this interview series, where a Post journalist interacts with tech CEOs over an activity of their choice, Quek opted to go hiking – an activity he used to enjoy but has not had much time to indulge in.

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