Freshly explained: Why abalone is so expensive

In Chinese culture, it is believed that consuming abalone, also known as 鲍鱼 (Bàoyú), will bring one good fortune and abundance for the rest of the year. Thus, abalone is one of the must-have items for Chinese New Year, and year-round, it is also enjoyed as a delicacy at family dinners and celebrations like weddings.

Despite its significance, many have likened abalone as being comparable with chewing gum in terms of texture, with the taste of scallops. Others think that abalone has no distinct taste of its own, instead taking on the flavour of the ingredients it is being cooked with.

So, what explains the high prices for this unremarkable tasting food item? Here are 4 reasons why abalone is sold at insane prices.


Abalone must be harvested individually by hand. Unlike conventional seafood such as fishes and prawns, abalone cannot be obtained from the cast of a net. Therefore, the cost-to-yield ratio is very low.

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