GE2020: Hackers pretend to be political parties in run-up to elections

At least three political parties have fallen victim to hackers who are pretending to be them in the lead-up to the general election on July 10, in order to spread fake news, or possibly, to steal money and information.

Checks by The Straits Times has found that bad actors have set up fake Facebook pages masquerading as Red Dot United (RDU) and Peoples Voice (PV).

RDU chairman Michelle Lee told ST on Sunday (June 28) that it has lodged a police report against a Facebook page pretending to be the party and making posts that are misrepresenting it. The page has been removed.

“Any page that masquerades as Red Dot United would have as its intention the hijacking of the identity and messaging of our party.

“We are grateful for the quick response by Facebook to take the fake page down,” she said.

Ms Lee added that the public should look out for the blue tick on its Facebook page, which would show that it is a verified page.

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