Gear Review: Klipsch’s T5 wireless earbuds sound great, if you can get past its connectivity issues

Klipsch is one of those audio tech companies that’s more familiar to audiophiles than a household name. Synonymous with high-fidelity vintage speakers, you’d probably have seen legacy models like its gorgeous Cornwall series in period films or the pages of a lux home interior rag. 

One thing Klipsch may not be noted for is affordability. And that’s okay! The company’s array of speakers and amps don’t come (that) cheap, but brand loyalists know that you’ll get your money’s worth with the powerful, rich sound that arrives with each purchase. 

But banging on nostalgia and premium sound has left Klipsch well behind the rest of the pack when it comes to modern developments — like true wireless earbuds. It took some time, but it’s finally here: Klipsch’s own T5 True Wireless Earphones

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