Get your hands on (currently sold-out) McDonald’s pyjamas for up to $120 on Carousell

Ah, Carousell — always the bastion for Singaporeans looking to make a quick buck. 

Aside from slinging calories, empty carbs and sugar, McDonald’s Singapore recently dived into the world of fashion.

Chic sleepwear to be exact — the fast-food chain’s McDelivery Night In service launched yesterday (Oct 7) and delivered exclusive loungewear sets to go along with purchases of Chicken McNuggets and McWings. 

The limited-edition home wear merchandise is supposedly the brand’s way to give customers joyful moments together with their McDonald’s favourites in the comfort of their own home.

It’s a fun gimmick I guess, and wearing pyjamas adorned with fries and big macs seem to be one cosy way of professing your love for late-night junk food. Even the sleeping mask that comes in the McDelivery Night In Bundle says “dreaming of fries”. 

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