Google Assistant invades Singapore’s living rooms through Sonos, JBL and Harman Kardon

Smart assistants have been a mainstay in the kitchens of tech-savvy Singaporeans for years now, helping us figure out how many teaspoons of salt you need for a pot of laksa and playing our cooking playlist out loud using voice commands. 

So it’s only natural that the next spot in your house to place a virtual assistant is your living room. And since Amazon Alexa ain’t supported here and Apple’s Siri has its own, um, issues, the best digital helper at hand is none other than the AliGenie

I kid, I kid, it’s Google Assistant. 

Most of us would already know that soundbars and speakers are the cornerstones of any respectable home theatre — but what if you could actually have that and hook up Google Assistant to do your bidding? 

This week alone saw three brands vying for a spot in the headlines, and all three have the same goal; integrating Google Assistant into your TV consoles. 

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