Gordon Ramsay ‘can’t wait’ to put beef rendang on his restaurant’s menu

First-timers to the popular open-air Taruko Caferesto that conveniently sits within Ngarai Sianok valley in the city of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, would immediately be in awe of the scenic Tabiang Takuruang cliff, rocky river and greeneries that make up its surroundings.

My attention, however, was distracted at the time by the urge to see in person one very famous British chef who has finally decided to step foot in my country.

It was a rainy day in late January, a time when we were still very much carefree and all we had to worry about was which local restaurant to try next or what souvenirs to bring home.

The foreign and local crew members were at work when we arrived after lunchtime.

And there he was, busily cooking Indonesian dishes in the rain using traditional clay stoves set on a long wooden table strategically installed right beside the river, with the striking cliff as background.

Accompanying Gordon Ramsay as he cooked was Indonesia’s own legendary chef and TV personality, 73-year-old William Wongso, who served as his mentor in learning the traditional dishes of West Sumatra.

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