Here are 12 of the best and worst Star Wars games ever made

Star Wars as a franchise must be an absolute goldmine for videogame developers. You could make any type of game you want, give it a Star Wars twist and it’ll often work.

That means that Star Wars fans are pretty much spoiled silly when picking a game to play.

You want a Star Wars-y first-person shooter? Star Wars: Battlefront II. You want a story-heavy Star Wars RPG? Knights of the Old Republic. You want a Star Wars dancing game? Well, you can play Star Wars Kinect – but why in the Baby Yoda would you want to?

With so many Star Wars games out there in all sorts of shapes and sizes, there are bound to be a couple of duds to go along with all the brilliant, timeless games available today.

Here’s my pick for 14 of the best and worst Star Wars games of all time! I’ll tell you right now – fans of Super Bombad Racing are going to be very disappointed.

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