He’s not Malay: Customers surprised vendor at Singapore’s Ningxia Night Market speaks fluent Chinese

Taiwan’s famed Ningxia Night Market has opened right here in Sentosa for a limited time, but in addition to its food, one of its vendors has been a subject of curiosity among customers here. 

Liu Kuang Jung, a part-time chef at a mentaiko pizza stall at the market shared with us that he has gotten orders from customers in Bahasa, presumably with the mistaken assumption that he speaks the language.  

They often ended up surprised, as we were, to learn that Liu not only has a Chinese name, but actually speaks fluent Taiwanese-accented Mandarin. Liu cheekily added that when he couldn’t understand what some customers were saying, he’d respond with a simple ”terima kasih” (thank you).

Born to a Taiwanese mother and Indonesian father, the youthful-looking 31-year-old was raised in Taiwan for most of his life. It’s the part-time hawker’s first time coming to Singapore as part of the Asian Night Market: Taiwan Food Festival event on Sentosa. 

For the first time ever, a miniature version of Taipei’s famous Ningxia Night Market has set up right here on the island resort, with around 30 stalls offering a variety of popular Taiwanese street food. 

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