Hideo Kojima: enigmatic games creator inspired by movies

Hideo Kojima, creator of the hugely anticipated Death Stranding game released this week, turned a family obsession with film into a talent for making highly cinematic video games.

Best known for his acclaimed Metal Gear series, Kojima spent nearly 30 years at Konami, a major firm that he has said he joined because they were the only games company listed on the stock market at the time.

He was born in 1963, to a family obsessed with movies. When he was young, his parents began a tradition of watching a film every night.

“I wasn’t allowed to go to bed till the film had finished: the opposite of how it is for most children,” he told The Guardian in an interview.

The tradition had a huge influence, and as he got older he was encouraged by his parents to see movies by himself at the cinema.

They would give him money for the ticket, but on the condition, he came back and discussed the film’s themes and its impact on him.

He lost his father when he was just 13, and at university, he initially studied economics, before switching gears in his final year and deciding to enter gaming.

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